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To meet customer requirements & satisfaction by providing services on time. We will strive to provide value addition to our clients through quality services. We help achieve and maintain high standards of Quality Management System by employee motivation, participation & bringing continual improvement in the system.


It is our pleasure to introduce Shree Hari Tech an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System assured firm to you as a service and support provider and collaboration with M/s.Shahi FZE. An organization providing full service and total solution pertaining to training, ISO & Management related issues providing value addition and customer satisfaction. We have one of the best teams in service to our clients. Team of knowledgeable professionals, possessing experience & expertise in respective field. Shahi FZE works with a concept of corporate culture-a manifestation of our beliefs, values and guiding principle for providing value added services through a single window arrangement, and stands by its commitments for utmost customer satisfaction and optimum cost benefit, is dedicated to customer delight right from project initiation to compilation and is always available for handholding during various stages of implementation.


We provide a comprehensive suite of consulting, training and implementation services leading to certification to various ISO standards for organizations across the globe. Our ISO certification solutions are the best in terms of service delivery, certification approach, timely project completion and effectiveness.We have a reputation of working with all the leading ISO certification bodies across the globe, to enable you get certified from the certification body of your preference.

Our services for ISO certification covers ISO 9001 , ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000 & HACCP, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, SA 8000, ISO 13485, CE Mark, Organic Certification, ISO 17025 NABL accreditation, Integrated ISO Certification to name a few of the popular ISO standards for which we provide services.

We provide ISO certification services across the globe.

We offer a full range of consulting services that enable the organizations achieve sustainable competitive advantage in global market.

The services include

Operational and Process improvement consulting covering Quality Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management and Finance Management. We focus on improving an organization's effectiveness, efficiency and profitability by providing quality and product certification consultancy.

We offer complete implementation support for ISO certification project of your organization. Whether you are a small size organization or you are a multinational company, our consultants will partner your company to achieve ISO certificate quickly and with the highest degree of improvement of processes and business operations. We are ISO Consultants with difference in terms of our transnational expertise, experience of the consultants and proven consulting methodology that results in 100% successful ISO Certification.

We provides onsite training solutions to organizations across the globe for all the ISO management systems and most exhaustive training services in the field of management system standards. Our ISO Training solutions are the best in terms of course delivery, content and effectiveness.

Our training programmes are designed in a way to bring out the best talent from your team. Our training programmes are 100% customized to the specific needs of your organization. They are exhaustive yet delivered in the simplest methodology and are full of interactions that consist of class presentations, mock audits, assignments, role play, examinations etc.

Our trainers are veterans in their respective fields and have handled several training programme sessions. Irrespective of whether your organization is at the starting phase of ISO implementation or you are midway or you are approaching certification audit or your system is well established and matured, our ISO training services will surely add value to the overall effectiveness of your ISO management system and help the management realize their goal of sustainable competitive advantage.

The International Organization for Standardizationwidely known as ISO, is an international-standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations. Founded on 23 February 1947, the organization promulgates worldwide proprietary industrial and commercial standards. It has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland While ISO defines itself as a non-governmental organization, its ability to set standards that often become law, either through treaties or national standards, makes it more powerful than most non-governmental organizations

Why standards matter?

Standards make an enormous and positive contribution to most aspects of our lives.Standards ensure desirable characteristics of products and services such as quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability - and at an economicalcost.

What standards do?

make the development, manufacturing and supply of products and services more efficient safer and cleaner facilitate trade between countries and make it fairer provide governments with a technical base for health, safety and environmental legislation, and conformity assessment share technological advances and good management practice disseminate innovation safeguard consumers, and users in general, of products and services make life simpler by providing solutions to common problems

Success of any ISO certification project depends on effectiveness of the implementation process. Shahi Enterprises being one of the largest ISO consulting organizations with clients in several countries proven and internally accepted ISO implementation programme.

What matters in an effective and result oriented ISO implementation / ISO compliance is the planning, execution and review process while implementing the ISO standard.

Keys to implementing a successful ISO Standardization System
  • Start with a solid plan.
  • Know what you already have in place.
  • Know what you need to add in order to meet the standard.
  • Know the best way to add the needed components.
  • Involve employees who understand the ISO standard and the quality system goals.
The implementation process
  • Teams determine new processes to meet the standard.
  • A Steering Team, composed of key members of the point teams, will meet to coordinate efforts of the point teams. Point Teams work on designated point(s) of the ISO standard.
  • The teams document the new process, and develop required records, forms, and work instructions.
  • The teams train staff members on how the new process works.
  • When the new processes are complete, Internal Audits and Management Review meetings begin.
  • The system is used for 2 or 3 months before your registration audit.
Web App Development

A business needs a website that markets their products well. The User Interface of an website should be unique, cater to your traffic, be modern and use the latest technologies to be responsive, cross browser and compatible. Shahi Enterprises pays special attention to the Search Engine needs and makes sure that all the developments are in line with the requirements. If your business is local or global the website is designed according to the GEO you wish to target.

Software Development

Our software engineering process collects and translates business requirements into imaginative technology solutions that become reality with custom software development. Shahi Enterprises software application development services deliver efficient and reliable custom software systems, including core business applications and back-office IT solutions. & hospitality and other industries.

Mobile App Development

We designs and develops user friendly and user-centric apps with real innovations. The manufacturing standards are high, more intuitive and interactive, and the company ensures to assist its users by making the appliance directly available and accessible from anywhere and everywhere. Engaging users through the mobile apps is the new thing!

The firm provides mobile services that help consumers raise their productivity with simple or complicated backends, depending on the demand. It does not just offer mobile frontend but a strong backend to manage the applications including a strong management panel, CRM tools, sending Push notifications, user stats and a lot more. All apps are built using native platform and 100% custom, compatible with different screen sizes and high performance.

Benefits of ISO Registration

  • Adoption of ISO standards can open doors to new clients

  • Cements relationships with existing clients and helps to ward off competition

  • Problems are identified at an early stage, avoiding the cost of reworking

  • Less wastage because of feedback from the office/shop floor

  • Greater customer satisfaction – their need clearly identified and acted upon

  • External monitoring of quality control will increase confidence in your company

  • Quality control can become part of the companies basic marketing strategy

  • Quality control will provide an edge over competitors

  • The ISO symbol of quality is proof of formal recognition of competence and expertise to a purchaser

  • Adoption of ISO standards will often satisfy customers requirements without additional assessments

  • The workforce will be more committed through greater involvement

  • Employees will have an increased sense of pride in themselves and the company. This is a useful aid when seeking new employees

Our Team

  • Mr. Shiv Shankar Shahi
  • Ms. Vaishali Parmar
  • Mr. Rajkumar.M


Global Clients - 70

  • Clients in UAE
  • KIT ALEXA JLT, Dubai

Corporate Clients - 3000

  • Prudence Pharma Chem
  • Kemcolour International
  • Sukha Chemical Industries

Government Clients - 15

  • SBI Training Center, LUCKNOW
  • VidyutVitran Nigam, LUCKNOW
  • Railway Staff College, VADODARA


What is ISO 9001?

In short, ISO 9001 is a voluntary Quality Management System standard that helps organizations ensure they are meeting customer requirements. Note that the key word in the title is "Management." The intent of the 9001 standard is to implement systems that Management can use to better run the business.

What does ISO stand for?

The International Organization for Standardization decided not to use an acronym for their organization, because it would be different in different languages. Instead, they used the word "ISO," which is derived from the Greek word “isos” meaning "equal." The standards act as an equalizer for companies doing business across global boundaries.

Apart from the Quality Management System standards, there are many other standards that are maintained by the International Organization for Standardization located in Geneva, Switzerland, and their 158 member countries

My company is very small. Can I get certified?

Absolutely. We’ve worked with companies of one or two people who decided to get certified. The processes that you’ll put in place would have the same intent as a much larger company; it’s just that the implementation will be simpler. We work with organizations to assist them in balancing the appropriate level of documentation with what’s necessary to meet requirements

How much will this cost?

The answer depends on a number of factors. There are costs to implement, cost related to the Registrar and costs to maintain. In terms of costs to implement, if you choose a full do-it-yourself approach, the only real costs will be in the time for resources dedicated to the implementation process and in time spent writing documents and training your staff. If you have little experience with ISO 9000, or have limited internal resources, you might choose to get some outside professional help or a consulting company like us.

Do I need a consultant?

Many companies choose to attain ISO certification on their own, so having a consultant is not a mandatory but highly advisable. We do believe that having access to a consultant’s knowledge and expertise can be very helpful as you try to sort out how to apply ISO in your business. And if you have an urgent need to attain certification and limited resources, using a consultant is often the most practical approach. We provide several flexible options to meet most needs

What is the Process Model?

The process model is based on the idea that an organization is a system of interlinked processes. The ISO 9001:2015 Standard is designed to manage and improve those processes. First, you identify your key processes. Second, you define quality standards for those processes. Third, you decide how process quality will be measured. Fourth, you document your approach to achieving the desired quality, as determined by your measurements. Fifth, you evaluate your quality and continuously improve.

How many documents will I need? What are the requirements?

Many people are hesitant to begin the certification process, because they incorrectly believe that they will need mounds of paperwork to comply. In fact, the ISO standard only requires a quality manual and six written procedures: Control of Documents, Control of Records, Internal Auditing, Control of Nonconforming Product, Corrective Action, and Preventive Action. Beyond those requirements, it’s really up to you how much additional documentation you need to plan, operate and control your business effectively. Some companies find the need to add extra controls they didn’t have previously; some use the process to delete older documents that are redundant or not worthwhile to maintain

Do I need a full-time person dedicated to run my ISO program?

There are several factors that dictate how much time to dedicate to the Quality System. Factors such as size of the organization, complexity of the process, manual administrative systems verses automated or electronic systems (ex: Document Control) all have a role in determining if there is a need for a full-time person. Of course, during the set-up of the Quality Management System there is more of a time commitment than after you are certified. For most small companies, it is a part time role.

How long will it take me to get certified?

Of course this depends upon several factors such as: how large your organization is; how complex your processes are; what procedures you may have in place already, etc. For a smaller company (less than 100 employees) an implementation can take 4-8 months; for a larger company (more than 100 employees) the process can take 12-18 months. The process also depends on the time and resources your company can apply to implementation.

Are job descriptions required?

No, there is no requirement for job descriptions. You are required to do two related tasks: define responsibility and authority and define competency in terms of education, experience, skills and training. Job descriptions are one way of accomplishing this. There are other ways including preparing organizational, job responsibility lists, and competency matrices.

How often should we audit each area?

There is no specific requirement for audit frequency. The audit schedule should be based on the importance of the area and on what previous audits have uncovered. In a new system, you will want to audit frequently, perhaps monthly, to make sure everything is implemented and working. In a mature, audits can be performed much less frequently. For a mature system (in place for several years) we recommend every six months to one year. Taper down your audits over time. If you start at monthly, try quarterly for awhile and see if it is working. Do not audit less than annually.

What is process auditing?

Recently we have been receiving questions regarding process auditing and what it means. If you are auditing your quality management system by area or department and then auditing all the applicable ISO elements while in that department, you are doing process auditing. If you are auditing your quality system by ISO elements throughout the organization you are not set up currently for process auditing. Process Auditing.

In addition to these if you are looking at answers to the other questions, get in touch with us for the answers.

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